Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Post Ever

Ramen Noodle Recipes.  There are a few sites out there for ramen noodle recipes but none that feel complete, let alone where you can submit your own ramen noodle recipe and get a link directly to your blog, website or facebook.

Why do we eat Ramen Noodles?

Why we eat ramen.  There are several reasons why we eat ramen.  Money, Convenience, and We Just Plain Like It.  No matter what the reason is that we eat ramen, every ramen noodle eater comes to a point where boiled noodles and broth just isn't enough to satisfy our palette.  Thats when we start getting creative, we start experimenting with our noodles, we start throwing things in together and see how they taste, we refine that flavor over and over until we come up with something we enjoy sharing with our friends.  Every Ramen Noodle Recipe in this blog is the culmination of hours, days, even weeks of experimenting and refining, keep that in mind as you look through and don't dismiss a ramen noodle recipe just because it sounds odd, give it a try.

Do you have a Ramen Noodle Recipe?
Send an email to AND include
(1) a picture of your recipe
(2) a list of ingredients
(3) step by step directions on how to make it
(4) a link to your website/blog/facebook (if you want a link)

Tips on submitting a ramen noodle recipe.
Use a few pictures, 4 at the most.
CLEAN your space where you are taking a picture, nobody wants to see homework or a cat on the table next to your recipe you have spent so much time developing.
Make directions clear and easy to understand, most of us are home cooks at best, not professional chefs.
No brand names, we are not sponsored by any ramen noodle company as of right now so we will not promote any ramen noodle company.


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  1. never tried those noodles...welcome to the blogosphere!