Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Submit Your Favorite Ramen Noodle Recipes

A quick guide to submitting your own ramen noodle recipes.

(1) Write and ingredients list.

(2) Write step by step directions.

(3) Add Pictures.

(4) Email to

(5) Get credit!  Add your blog/facebook/website link and you will get credit for your recipe!

See a recipe without picture?  Make the recipe, take some pictures, email to with a link for your blog/facebook/website and get credit for your work!



  1. How about this simple one; add a raw egg a couple of minutes after the noddles go in the pot.

  2. Defintely following this, i love ramen and cant wait for a post! cool blog bro, keep up the good work im supporting you ;)

  3. I shall do this one day soon.
    Awesome recipes by the way, I may try one right now!

  4. i love ramen!!!! If you have any suggestions for AMV's to review, please visit my blog and let me know!
    Following you to show support!

  5. Following to show support! I love ramen!